Geotechnical Instrumentation
RockWatch Instrumentation


Geotechnical Instrumentation

Groundwork source the most appropriate instrumentation based on the specific requirements on each monitoring programme with close involvement of the client. This instrumentation is obtained from a wide range of local and international manufacturers rather than selling our own branded equipment. The extremely wide range of available geotechnical instrumentation includes:

  • Stope closure instrumentation
  • Off-reef excavation deformation equipment
  • Elongate and pack load measurement
  • Rock bolt and cable anchor load measurement
  • Pull testing equipment
  • Borehole extensometers for all applications
  • 36mm diameter borehole cameras for depths of 10 to 40m

Data logging, telemetry and manual reading options are available for almost all types of instrumentation.


RockWatch Instrumentation

LoggerFor ground movement profiling

1. RockWatch Logger

The Logger establishes a profile of ground movement by measuring and recording closure changes at 5 minute intervals.


Grabber2. RockWatch Grabber

  • The Grabber wirelessly extracts data from the Logger.
  • The Grabber works from a distance of up to 15m.
  • On surface the Grabber is then plugged into the PC to upload data for reporting and analysis.


PC Software



3. PC and Software

The Software is provided with its own PC and it is compatible with Microsoft Excel.







4. Ground Movement Profile

A Ground Movement Profile is established using closure data from the RockWatch Loggers.



5. Safety Procedures
Standard Safety Procedures can now be specified for the Robot based on normal and abnormal Ground Movement Profiles.





– For early warning of rockfalls

How does it work?

  • Rock movement often starts long before a rockfall occurs but this movement is usually too small to be seen.
  • The RockWatch Robot can measure these very small movements.
  • The Robot then warns stope workers of possible rockfalls through green, amber and red flashing lights.

Key features

  • Accurate to better than 0.5mm
  • Robust and water resistant
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Reinstall as often as required
  • Stoping widths up to 3.5m
  • Tamper proof
RockWatch Robot models:

For mines with little or no closure.
This Robot has 3 levels of fl ashing lights with the
highest warning level starting at 2mm of movement.

0 – 1mm
1 – 2mm
> 2mm

For mines with some closure.
This Robot has 5 levels of fl ashing lights with the
highest warning level starting at 6mm of movement.

0 – 1mm
1 – 2mm
2 – 4mm
4 – 6mm
> 6mm

For mines with higher closure.
This Robot has 7 levels of fl ashing lights with the
highest warning level starting at 10mm of movement.

0 – 1mm
1 – 2mm
2 – 4mm
4 – 6mm
6 – 8mm
8 – 10mm
> 10mm

Robot Patent Application No. 2010/00664

* Other models available

See downloads page for PDF brochures and RockWatch PC Software


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